Giving out the bonding squares

Lovely friends and volunteers at Fiona Foundation for Kids have been knitting baby bonding squares. These tiny comforters are used in hospital baby units as Dr Aoife Hurley a UK based Paediatrician explains:

Bonding squares are used in Neonatal units as a way of helping mums bond with their babies. It is a small square of knitted wool that the mum places next to her skin for a time, so her scent is then on the square. This square is then left next to the baby."             


We have given the baby bonding squares and clothes out in Zambia. In total there were 333 squares this equates to about 1000 hours of knitting or crocheting to help babies who need to feel loved, feel loved.


The nurses translated and explained to the mums what these knitted squares are for.


The day we gave them out 82 babies in the unit had a little more warmth, settled easier and felt closer to their mother thanks to this simple but effective comforter.

Thank you to everyone who has helped so far. Keep knitting!